Alderwood Water & Wastewater District

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Water Meter Upgrade Project

The District has begun a multi-year project to upgrade its metering system. You may see or encounter Alderwood staff in your neighborhood working in the meter boxes. When the project is complete more than 47,000 water meters will have been replaced or retrofitted, with a radio transmitter. The new meters will be read using a special vehicle-mounted receiver. By replacing aging meters, the District will greatly reduce the time and man-hours it takes to read the meters. The new meters will also provide District customers more accurate readings, access to detailed usage history and far more precise leak indicators.

The work will be performed during normal business hours. A typical household upgrade, will take between 10 and 30 minutes. For the majority of residences, the upgrades will have no affect on your household. However, if you do experience air or a slight amount of debris in your system, you may want to run your water from an outside faucet or nearest inside faucet for approximately 5 minutes to clear any air or sediment in the water line.

Businesses or customers with meters located within the building will need to be present during the upgrade. Our staff will contact you, to arrange for access to the building or meter.

If you experience problems or have questions regarding the program, please contact our Maintenance and Operations staff at (425) 787-0250.